Products are sold by the yard and are subject to
Rhode Island state sales tax, which is 7%.
Delivery times will be scheduled during normal business hours,
which are: Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm & Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm.

Most deliveries within 48 business hours of your order. Call 401-486-7000 today to schedule your delivery – OR order and pay online 24/7 and we will follow up during normal business hours to set up delivery!

*Standard Delivery Service is a FLAT FEE OF $75 with 3 yards or more – this fee is for the YELLOW AREA on the map; delivery to the WHITE zone is priced accordingly.

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MulchRI Delivery Map 2019

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Natural Blend (Deep Brown)

$38.00 per yard

Premium Blend (Black)

$40.00 per yard

Hemlock Blend

$55.00 per yard

Red Mulch

$47.00 per yard

Burgundy Mulch

$47.00 per yard

Naturally Aged Organic Bark Mulch
Naturally Aged Organic Bark Mulch

$38.00 per yard

Certified Playground Mulch

$37.00 per yard

Lawn Starter

$48.00 per yard

3/4″ Screened Loam

$36.75 per yard

Concrete Sand

$32.25 per yard

Processed Gravel

$35.75 per yard

3/4″ Blue/Grey Crushed Stone

$45.00 per yard

Rip Rap 6-10 inch

$43.75 per yard

Natural River Rocks
Natural River Rock

3″ Round: $103.00 per yard

Tan River Rocks
Tan River Rock

3″ Round: $103.00 per yard

Compost Material

$37.75 per yard

Garden Mix

$44.00 per yard